Pack River Survival Gear

As Canadians, we understand that Practical Survival Gear is what it takes to survive in a harsh vast wilderness. Where emergencies can arise anywhere any time. All of our products are proudly hand made here in Canada. A lot of thought and effort have been invested into the gear we make, as well as the survival tools we put into our products. At Pack River Survival Gear we field test all of our products to ensure that everything that is included, is there for a reason. These Survival Essentials make an excellent addition to your Emergency Backpack or Bug out Bag

All combined our Survival Tools have hundreds of potential lifesaving uses. With a little knowledge and imagination these tools will give you your best fighting chance to make it out alive. Please visit our tutorials page for helpful videos on DIY survival bracelets, creating survival shelters and other Bushcraft skills. Also make sure to visit our Facebook page for the latest news, tips and Survival Gear give-aways. Remember being prepared is half the battle.